Heartwood Forestry provides specialty services in the areas of community forest and natural area management planning, tree care training, tree appraisal, and project innovation.

Services are provided in Minnesota. Some projects, especially training, happen in other states as well.

For units of government: planning for urban forest and natural area management, program review, ordinance development, training, and special projects.

For utilities: management planning for rights-of-way, tree appraisal.

For organizations: training, and publication author.

For insurance companies and legal firms: tree appraisals, damage assessment, and expert witness.

For private homeowners: tree introductions and management advice for those who need to know what’s in the yard and how to take care of it. We do not provide tree care services or home visits for sick trees. In cases of tree damage or neighbor complaints, it’s best to talk to your insurance company or a lawyer before contacting Heartwood Forestry. For help finding the cause of a home tree problem, visit the Extension Service for your state or contact a local tree service and ask to speak to the ISA Certified Arborist on staff. If they don’t have one on staff, look for a different tree service.